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Certifications Fdf Nautica

Our company, certified ISO 9001:2008, offers a wide range of products and solutions adapted to the needs of all our customers by following the rules and MED SOLAS. All our products have r.i.n.a., TC and USCG. Our entire range of folklore is in compliance with EC standards and BAM.

Certification DNV

Bouyant Smoke Vulcan_b

Bouyant Smoke Vulcan_d

Handheld Signals Elios_b

Handheld Signals Elios_d

Parachute Rocket Orion_b

Parachute Rocket Orion_d


MOB_b lights

Line-Throwing _b

Modulo_d MOB/Lights/

Mr Light

Mr Smoke_1

Mr Smoke_2

Mr Smoke_3