Present and future of safety at sea

Building on the founding partners’ experience in the marine safety sector, FDF TEK was established in 2015. The company, founded to develop, produce and market plastic parts for the nautical sector, has since developed advanced technology in the production of water and emergency food rations for rafts and lifeboats. Although a young company, FDF TEK has succeeded in rapidly establishing itself on international markets, thanks in particular to efficient distribution. Progress and the development of new technologies have become its founding principles.



FDF TEK is a young and dynamic company. Our team works every day with commitment and dedication. A close-knit team where experience and innovation, tradition and initiative coexist: essential elements for a company that is increasingly looking to the international market. The workspaces have also been designed with this in mind. In addition to the production units, where new products are manufactured, the rooms dedicated to research and development activities and the offices have been renovated, divided by large transparent windows to create a single, vast creative environment.

To guarantee the highest quality standards, every aspect of the production process is scrupulously monitored. Production strictly follows the regulations of the European health authorities and the international SOLAS convention for the protection of human life at sea. Constant research has enabled the company to obtain ISO 9001 quality system certification in 2017.

At the helm of FDF Tek is Roberta De Falco, who, armed with the teachings of her father Ferdinando, leads her team towards new challenges. After 20 years in Marseille, she returns to her family’s business to carry, beyond the familial commitment, a social dedication to the local community and its future.

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