FDF Nautical

FDF Nautical


26 years of safety at sea

Our logbook began in the 1980s. We are in the province of Naples and Ferdinando De Falco is taking his first steps in his father’s company, also in the field of nautical safety. There he learned the trade and immediately developed a passion for the nautical sector. A charismatic visionary, Ferdinando decided to bring «the sea to the mountains». It was a choice dictated by the desire to invest in the region by looking beyond its borders, and by the desire to export quality Made in Italy products, even in a niche sector like boating safety.

In 1997, the first factory was opened in Pannarano, in the province of Benevento, where pyrotechnic items were produced exclusively for entertainment purposes. Only a few prefabricated buildings were used as production workshops. Thanks to his foresight, Ferdinando De Falco turned FDF into a leading company in the production and distribution of signals for safety at sea, in particular nautical pyrotechnics and entertainment items. He has transformed this area into a state-of-the-art industrial reality, with a surface area of 26,000 square metres and no fewer than 10 production areas.


Administration and offices

The workspaces have been designed with the future in mind, incorporating concepts such as sustainability and respect for the environment. Vegetation and integration into the landscape are the main pillars of this new vision. The use of vegetation, as well as representing an aesthetic component of considerable value, is an important design tool for improving the building’s performance and insulation, thereby reducing its impact on the environment. The company is not a foreign object but an integral part of the surrounding landscape. The offices are lit by natural light, thanks to the addition of large windows that frame the sky and greenery perfectly, like gigantic works of art. The modern, essential lines are interspersed with a few paintings that add a touch of art and colour.


We are constantly working to improve current production processes and to create new production units to manufacture new products, the fruit of dynamic research and development.

A permanent commitment to ensure the quality, safety as well as the continuous development of innovative technologies in the water safety enabled FDF to become a major manufacturer and distributor in the context of pyrotechnics for boats and entertainment.


Some of us have been here for 30 years. They have grown with the company. Building strong and lasting relationships is one of our strengths. The most important aspect that we try to pass on to our employees is the importance of the human contribution in this work. We are like a big family, because only together we can go far. The feeling of belonging, of knowing that we are a great team, has enabled us to improve and to go as far as we have.

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